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Ian Munns
28/8/66 - 15/9/17
Lester aka UBIK444

It was with Deep Sadness & Profound Shock that We Learnt of Our Dear Friends Passing
on Friday 15th September 2017. 
Our Heartfelt Sympathy & Love go his Beloved Sarah, his Family and Friends.
Lester was our Friend, our Colleague and Resident Artist. Lester was an integral part of our collective from the beginning, being a founding member of Band of Mercy,  His work is everywhere - from Band of Mercy, to our many collective actions and on into REDUCER - from helping to set this website up, to font styles & colour themes, through to finished artwork for product - such as his collaboration with Hooly to produce REDUCER's 1st Record, the hand printed limited edition prints that he did for the launch and the huge effort he put into venue decoration, back drops etc...His spirit courses through REDUCER's sound, vision & works, we where honoured and privileged to have such a beautiful, caring, calm, brilliant, hardworking friend & workmate. Lester was involved in the Northampton Underground scene since he was 15, rapidly becoming indispensable as an activist, artist, energiser and resourceful provider of equipment, materials and love. It would be impossible to list all of Lester's wonderful contribution not only to REDUCER but to The Band of Mercy, R.U.S.S., T.H.A. and so many other projects, let alone his Tatu, Print, Collage & Shrine work, however we are hoping that over the coming months we will be able to share some of Lester's work and Ideas with you that he was generous enough to share with us.

444 GoodLuck.jpg
444 GoodLuck.jpg
collage+ - Copy.jpg

Collage by Lester & Hooly for the release of 'PRODUCT' 12" inch single - the 1st 50 records contained an A1 Print, hand printed by Lester

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