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The RunawayTrainSet! Time Travellers? Tricksters? Charlatan's?...........Who Knows? Who Cares!
Created in a field in England in the year 2011 AD betwixt the Armchair Astronauts 12v Sound System,  Thee Music Ov Timeshow's travelling Dome & the LSDVD23 Lightshow & Film Unit.


Featuring a cast of many Merry Pranksters including:

Sound Engine-Ears, Kamikaze Mark, D-Man23, Dub Master General Later Ron, Jesterdream, Ken B, Chris C, Charlie Ross, Nathen BR, Jonimalle & the two J's

THE RUNAWAY TRAINSET (2011-16) Brighton based Experimental Electronic Engineering

1. Fishgutting nosebleed nordic techno or Killing Joke played at 78rpm - you decide! Either way it's great and to the point. Just 2 settings - Go & Stop. Thrash dada. Love it.


2. Darker & spacial, with Mantric guitar & and choppy rhythmic synth riffs - enoesque but without the pretentiousness.

3. TG sound check with Vinny Riley - great combination of industrial darkness & melodic guitar & incomprehensible spoken word intertwine & swirl into pulsing mantras. 

4. An epic 15 minutes plus of Abstract synth melodies underlined with constantly morphing keyboard chords both random but excellently contrasted and interconnected- very early human league without vocals bumps into BBC radiophonic workshop at a buffet for boffins.

5. Deep dark - threatening, fractal looping voice & guitar spills out of cracks into a gradually building hyper electronica Sergio Leone film score - in comes the beat and takes the whole thing up a notch - if someone told you it was Cabaret Voltaire you'd nod sagely - it has a lo fi edge that the cabs lost, definitely my personal favourite. Love that intro. Jealous of that. Bastards.

All in all, the most interesting thing I've heard since the last time I heard something interesting...eclectic & uncompromising - refreshing and disturbing - a heady mix.

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