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So my children, walk with me a while through the Garden of Earthly Delights .. pick the Sweet ripened fruit - grown from seeds of truth & passion, fill your senses with sights & sounds pouring forth from fountains of pure life energy...let your soul relax try to forget your life is led at the behest of electronic devices, for we live in strained & strange times - an age of weapons of mass distraction & control, peddled as an 'Individual Lifestyle Choices' and 'Freedom' ...humans are by their nature, control addicts - from the state down to the citizen - micro management & the chance to exercise self centric influence on others perceptions in order to feed the ego - for all is vanity. Fear not Sisters & Brothers for we can transcend these contrivances of capitalism and live free within our minds & souls - corporal form is quick to dust - seize the day & live with lust!


We have been fortunate to have friends who are able & willing to aid us in our current Revival & Rebirth - Reducer are Massively Grateful to both Karl O'Conner & Sen Na for their support, consummate professionalism & belief in our Endeavours - as We are to Lou Barnell for her skill & effort...without these people we would not have been able to Restore 30 year old Video footage and the potential for further Reducer Product would be a lot bleaker...Thank You Lovely People. H

As CEO of Reducer Industries I'm here to Assure you that the Future is coming - Fast. In these Troubled Times You can Rely on an Honest, Trustworthy Organisation Steeped in Heritage or Something, to Tell You How it is - Warts and All - Those Truths may Hurt I'm Afraid but We Only Have Ourselves to Blame - We could have just Settled Down but No, Humans Always Want More and Thus My Friends is Borne the Greatest Dilemma Facing Each & Every One of Us Today - There Cannot be Infinite People on a Finite World. That is the Atomic & Sub Atomic Structure of Things Today. We are Rushing Head Long into Oblivion and Here at Reducer Industries We Say Embrace It! For You Will be Born Again- Life has Existed for Billions of years- You Think the last few thousand are going to make a Difference? It's ok, it's ok, Life will be what Life only ever wants to be - Alive - Humanity & Our Petty Scrabblings & Squabbles are as Meaningless as Bugs on a Windshield! People - It's Time to Get Real...Stop Being So Arrogant as to Assume You have some kind of Control, or that because You Feel such an urge to find Meaning in the Meaningless, Your Special & Unique - Life, you fools is Enough.


Remember REDUCER is for Life  - Failure to Pay Attention May Result in The Loss of Your Soul.




Reducer Fill that Gap You Didn't Know Existed Until You Hear Them...Nothing Short of Total Sound.. Voices from the Dance

hall & Street, the Bass of Reggae, the Scream of Punk, the Beat of Industrial Dance, Melded into an Alloy of Street Toughened Nouse & World wise Wisdom..Honed into a Weapon of Sound..Wielded with Swagger & Thrusting Energy..Reducer Cut into the Body Musical of the 80's, Landing Blows to Fell All Comers. Reducer Where to the 80's What the 80's Where to Them - a Full On Top Fuel Funny Car Drag Race thru' the Wreckage of Subculture & The Excesses of The West, Using Sound & Vision from the Far Reaches of Creation, Snagging Parts to Build a Machine of Noise, Rhythm & Consciousness that Transcends the Era and Delivers a Sonic Assault Like No Other. Never Looking for Fame - Always Finding Infamy. The History of a Decade You Never Knew Existed ..An 80's of Joy, Wild Highs, Gut Wrenching Honesty, Pure Life Energy and Outrage at Humanities Self Obsessed Path of Destruction - Prophets No. Prophecies Yes - They Preach the Words of Love and Hate - Driven by an Evangelical Urgency to spread Truths and Rights.

Think you've heard it all? You haven't heard REDUCER.

This website is run on a voluntary basis, it is a non profit organisation. I may have the body of a weak & feeble sick old fart but I can still press a pause button...just. Updates and further content will be added as & when health permits...

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