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"As a solo artist I have a bigger archive than Reducer, the Legendary 80's Underground Autonomous Band, I co founded, played guitar with & many other instruments, mixed & Produced. I've been making music since early 1978 when I started a punk band. I keep copies of everything I have made & am still making. I have an enormous amount of time, love & substance fuelled creativity invested in it. Its very precious to me - to have recordings from the beginning of my career, right through to tracks recorded last week. What's interesting to me is my style hasn't changed much, better kit helps make things easier but music borne on semi working 4 tracks & twin tape decks, with no instruments, just an urge to create, stand along tracks I've done in 24 track studios.

My music is Borne of passion rather than ability, my urgent need to express how this current state of humanity is utterly insane to the point it doesn't even know or think that it is. As individuals we cannot help but be exposed to the tsunami of human effluent that washes over, through & between us - after all we are part of it.
My way of coping with that twisted reality is to take any influence I don't or do like & fuck about with it in way that turns it into anti humanity & system voice in the wind - if it gets heard - great - but if not, at least I'm screaming back at the fuckers." 
THA 2024

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