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We find ourselves in a bit of a quandary, both with the systems that 'run' humanity - obviously Governments everywhere are, by any definition corrupt and have blood on their hands, as they are run by corporate lobbyists & as we do as individuals. Choosing or being able to choose to spend money on a vegan diet or not buy products from companies that you feel are not aligned with your belief system or "Lifestyle Choice", is a western luxury, only affluent people have choices. As a band we have discussed the dilemma of having the band's website provided by an Israeli company - WIX (We did not set up the site), and concluded that sadly it's no different to buying any other product from any other country on this planet. Warmongering superstates or satellite governments that are run by proxy (arms sales, food & medical aid indebted) - all are corrupt - all are corrupting - when everything is broken, does it matter which part you choose to be involved with or not?

No, of course not.
Alternatively, We could close the website, or allow advertising so we don't have to pay Wix to host it - but why should we? Surely we are doing more good by being 'out there' than taking our site down? Alas we do not have funds or the technical knowhow to swap providers for free. So we feel that having our apolitical & anti government work being in the public domain, for all to see & hear, is what matters most - it really doesn't matter who we use as a service provider, sedition is an important means of non violent direct action. There are none who in some way are not linked to corporate, governmental or other financial lobbying or vested interests, none with clean hands, nor do we, as individuals. All are culpable of all the ills on this planet. If you didn’t directly do it, you are guilty of doing nothing to stop it. HUMANS ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION. Fiddling around, worrying about which company or country has slightly less blood on their hands is rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. However If you still feel we should change our service provider, please feel free to donate the necessary funds or volunteer to do it for free. Reducer.

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