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B A N D  H I S T O R Y

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Hailing from the (then) small market town of Northampton, in the midlands of the U.K. Reducer were the third manifestation of musical projects of a small but dedicated collective of Northampton's underground & disaffected youth. All of whom having

experienced the freedom & enlightenment of Punk's short but brilliant light, started to coalesce from the nebulae left by that musical supernova into a movement that would eventually result in The Band of Mercy, Big Medicine, Reducer & Reducer Universal Sound System.


Band of Mercy (after the early name for the R.S.P.C.A.) were formed out of the initial gatherings of the collective.  Shared beliefs, awareness and creativity meant that an active, vibrant and apolitical organisation supporting Universal, Earth, Human & Animal Rights collective needed to voice these core beliefs, and so The Band of Mercy was born.  The band used scrap metal, industrial waste & machinery with drums and bass providing the rhythms & a choir of up to 12.


The Second Musical manifestation of this Collective was to expand into a Funded Youth Organisation, called 'Big Medicine' with the brief of involving Northampton's youth in finding their voices in all forms of media – Music, Art, Writing etc... providing access to a creative space, instruments and materials, the space also became drop in centre & meeting space, this was based in The John Clare Centre in Northampton -  Many Happy & Glorious Events & Nights where had! Reducer Universal Sound System played there often, taking on other local Sound Systems & some from other parts of the midlands in Sound Clashes.


Band of Mercy - Rehearsal

Band of Mercy

Band of Mercy on stage at The Black Lion, Northampton 1984


Steve Herring & Hooly Rhythm Section of The Band of Mercy

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