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The Bible of Sounds.
This is a MUST read for Anyone who ever went to a Blues & Sounds back in the late 70's on into the 80's - if you didn't then it's a MUST read in order that You know your True Music History! Blues Sounds & Sound Systems were a Major Influence on today's Dance Music, Style & Culture. In this book we learn how one group of friends in particular went about the business of becoming a Sound System and found Their Style. But in telling this story so well, the Authors have told the Story of Every Sound in the UK. Scientist Hi Powa were a Birmingham system and they were lucky enough to have been Blessed by the Friendship of a very good photographer, Jonathan Girling RIP - whose photos really capture the various stages - beginning to end - such as building your own Bass Bins to studies of the DJ, Operator and Toasters, hard at work in the Dancehall, getting the Crowd Dancing and showing the Joy & Happiness they Experienced & the Dedication they took in doing it, hiring Van's & Humping Bins & Amps in & out of Venues - Travelling in the back of the Van to the venue (and back!) - it's all here, plus an Excellent Breakdown of the Intricacies & "Teamwork" involved once a plate is chosen - A Thorough Blow by Blow Account of the Vocals, Crowd Reaction, through to the whole "Rewind and come again!" crowd pleasers - & how Each Toaster had their own Style & Patter, but was at the same time, Completely Interactive with the rest of the Crew - a Superb Breakdown & Analysis of the Dynamics of Playing in a Sound System in the 80's - I found so much common & shared ground in this book - Yes, it's about Scientist Hi Powa & Nuff Respect to them - they come across as "for real" people, Friends & individuals as well as a Collective Sound System - however it's also a book about the Whole Scene as was, the Logistics, the Equipment & the know how of getting the Right Plates and Playing them at the Right Time, having the street suss & above all perhaps, being Natural Entertainers & Sharing the still Common Goal of all Sound Systems - being a Crew of Brothers & Sisters, Playing the Best Plates & a Shared Joy of Dancehall Reggae and its many subgenres and using "insider" knowledge of what will work combined with an overriding wish to Entertain the Crowd & Blow Away the Opposition with the Freshest Rhythms, Rhymes, Style and Passion.
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Authors: Dr Simon Jones & Paul Pinnock. Photography by Jonathean Girling RIP. ISBN No. 9781973595151

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