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An Introduction

R E D U C E R unlike many bands did not send lots of demo tapes to record companies. There was one glimmer of opportunity but it was not to be, so we never had the opportunity to release any of the many studio recordings.


R E D U C E R carried on as a Gigging Band & Sound System but were unable to fund any kind of release, until the band finally ended in '92. Although we did not covet record company attention we were left feeling unfulfilled…that is until 2015, when I finally scraped together enough money to release a limited edition 12" single and release it on our own Label – what an incredible feeling even if it has taken 30 years! To pick up the arm of the record player & hear the soft 'ffthud' as the needle gently drops onto 12 inches of black plastic magic - and you are playing the music on it – no feeling like that in the world. We Will bring you more R E D U C E R vinyl in the future. 

Reducer owe a Large and Very Grateful Thank You to Angus Wallace & all the crew (Tropical Ken) at Far Heath Studios. The archive would not exist without him. Thanks also to Mrs Wallace for providing "Sustenance for the Engineer".

Gus did what No Other Studio Would or Could Do - Give us the Opportunity to get our Hands Dirty and let us Play with his Toys - "That'll be Red Lights on the Chunky Meter Then!" He also got His Hands Dirty Playing with us when it was possible, although it was never enough...but then nothing was at the time! We were riding the Horned Beast Back Then, it was some Rodeo & Gus helped us try and tie it down. A True Legend.

Singers & Players of Instruments

David 'Snake' Mann - Dcd. Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards.
J D 'Hooly' Barnell - A.K.A. The Human Aerial - Guitar, Rhythm Generators, Keyboards, Tapes, Loops & Voice Cut Up.
Dave Exton - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards.
Rich Hill - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Percussion.
Angus Wallace - Drums.


Recorded at Far Heath 1985-1990. Produced by Reducer
Mixed by The Human Aerial. Engineered by Angus Wallace

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