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All of the collective became a performing work of music, tattoo & body modification – the designs, techniques & their meaning respected our Heritage, stories & authenticity, adding a new energy to the movement. We could see beautiful lives in danger and the environment being destroyed, we were angered at a desperate history of contact with the West. We saw their traditions, Art, Music and Spiritual beliefs being lost, Band of Mercy, Big Medicine and Reducer tried in our way to raise awareness to help stop this.

The third and final crystallisation of this creative and collective energy was R E D U C E R – from the beginning the sound was based on cut up & accidental voices sourced from T.V. radio & other media, natural sounds & noises treated with effects & many weeks spent hammering pause buttons on two cassette decks to produce voice & sound loops that said what needed saying, all delivered with a massive industrial reggae punk soundscape. Tekkit an Gwan!

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