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The Title of this EP is in fact our Battle Cry - "The Sound of Love & The Love of Sound" Sums up what Reducer were about, and We used it from very early in our career. The tracks also represent the beginning of the end of the Band's Archive, and Share a Commonality of Energy & Passion, which is why we have released them as a 5 track 'EP'.


Track 4. "Here We Go" is notable, in that it's a Rehearsal Recording - not something we did much - Preferring Live Spontaneity & Improvisation - and is also our only release not recorded at Far Heath, the sound quality somewhat reflects this, once again, here at Reducer We like a bit of lo-fi - it's the energy and passion that matters..

REDUCER Shared & Developed a Unique Energy when We Played Together that Manifested in Our Style & Sound - Righteous, Enlightened Lyrics Delivered via an Industrial Punk Reggae Soundscape - Spontaneity & Improvisation were Essential Forces as were Awareness & Consciousness - Combined to Create a Volatile, Threatening, Raw Life Energy Powered Audio Visual Experience that few who witnessed it will ever forget.

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