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Here at Reducer Industries Almagamated Conglomerated Holdings Corporation We Believe in a Fresh & more Honest Approach to the "Crisis" on Earth & the Futility of Human Existence- Join Now! Be 'Pro X' It's the Truth and it has a Happy Ending! PRO X - HUMANITY IS THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION - WIPE THE SLATE - HUMANITY MUST DIE SO THAT LIFE MAY THRIVE - EMBRACE THE FUTURE Human, Live Free and in Perfect Balance ..Really & Truly You Know it Makes Sense- This Global Grand Mal of Rampant Capitalism is not just Soul Destroying, Western Centric & Sells the Cult of Self as a Path to Redemption and a Sustainable Future which in fact is the Perpetuation of the Pornographic Obscenity of an Elite Group of Humanity's Treatment of All Things Unsustainable - Be it Animal, Vegetable or Mineral - it's just a Matter of Time so - Don't Stumble into the End Days Separating Plastics whilst Billions of Barrels of Oil are Bought, Sold and Used to make more - Whilst Bauxite Mines Cleave Colossal Scars across First Peoples Land and Natures Diminishing Wilderness  - Fretting about your Carbon Footprint while China Builds a New Coal Burning Power Station a Week - Rise up Comrades Rise up and Fight for the Freedom of Eternity - Rise up Against the Inevitable Sharpening of Boundaries - We are All & All We are is Stardust - Atoms & Molecules We Have Been and Will Be Again, We are Now & We Were Then - The Water you Drink is the Water the Dinosaurs Drank - We are Recycled, We Are The Rocks & The Trees & The Water -  They Are Us! it's So Simple Even a Human Could Understand it....So Understand This Next Easy Step - it's Ok to Die - it's just A Change of Worlds. You've Always Been Here and Will Be til The Cycle Starts Again and Then We Will All be Spread Across the Void to Join the Rest of the Universe Waiting to Start Again the Processes by Which Worlds are Born .....thus was the Earth Made and Will Be Made Again and On...This is True Eternity - True Identity - You are Nothing and Everything in Perfect Balance - Just Accept this Simple Fact and You Will be Eased & Relaxed by the Freedom it Brings, by Realising this Universal Oneness & Awareness You will be Comforted in the Knowledge You are Eternal. Even when that Change Comes Violently or Shockingly, by Chance or Circumstance - You Will Become Other Matter, Regardless of the Circumstances of your Human Forms Demise. This is the Truth. It's Biology, Its Physics. It's Chemistry. It's Alchemical - Its life - Death is a way of life. 

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