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How can I steal what's mine?

Everything is Cultural Appropriation. Fire, Survival Skills, Money, Language, Mathematics & the Sciences, Music, Art, Design & Literature, the list is endless precisely because Everything is already Cultural Appropriation - Evolution - - Sailing & Navigation, Migration, War & Displacement, a shared human ancestry with archaeological proof we were trading globally at least 6000+ years ago already. There's always been a "Global Economy" - and on the back of it, Cultural influences on all these things spread globally. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. It has been part of humanity's story - sharing, inspiring, one culture's influence on another, common designs changed to suit local styles - a global collective of diverse cultures using universal symbols & designs. It's been happening for thousands of years, you dummies - get over it & get on with it! White western whining & handwringing is exactly that- nothing more - who the fuck are we to decide how the events & interactions of history are re-assessed just to salve our conscience because instead of learning from these cultures we destroyed them and took what we wanted - yes we did! We still do. Every white western Tattooist in the world has made their money from Cultural Appropriation! My tattoos are Cultural Appropriation - my piercings are the same. Our great, great, great, great Grandparents & relatives did it. The white West built their "global economy" on Colonisation under the banner of so called Christian education & salvation and of course Slavery - thus creating markets for newly commodified crops such as sugar & cotton & tobacco and of course the means to harvest it. Own it - these people were our forefathers! Understand it & do something about it instead of pointing fingers at those happy and comfortable with using images & sounds sourced from all our shared ancestry. Otherwise, non-white opera singing, Black or mixed heritage actors playing Shakespeare or Asian heavy metal and Inuit's using Snowmobiles is also Cultural Appropriation. You can't have it both ways - all or none. I say All & enjoy the offspring of our shared common culture - We have a limited time before the Earth decides it’s time for change - you can't change the human past by re-writing it to suit current flights of social media 'Political Correctness' fantasy & fashions of 'consciousness' that are nothing but ill-informed, guilty consciences desperately needing to be seen as right on & not a result of genocide & theft, so that it fits in some box in order make yourself feel less guilty or somehow washes the blood from our white collective hands - all you can do is look forward and get your shit together so you can be part of putting right what our forebears did wrong.

It is our Burden as Descendants of those who through Biological Genocide & Tyranny in the name of Merchantry, Christendom & Education Exploited, Tortured, Raped and Murdered - Wrought Culturicide, the Theft of Life, Liberty, Art, Resources & Land - this our Forefathers did. Flooded Foreign Lands with the Blood of its Peoples & Animals in the name of God & of course God needs lots of Gold & Land. Done in the name of Empire, Greed, Religion - they're the same thing - a White Western Centric "ArroGovernance" that is borne of Pure Greed & a Self-inflated Belief that the Earth is ours & We were put here to enjoy a comfortable life - it was named democracy. Are we, as white affluent westerners ready to face our past? If we do not, then how do we face the future? Even though now semi fashionable consciousness & righteousness have unmasked, recognised & shamed these atrocities & systematic oppression of other countries & cultures, there will be no fundamental change - the system will not allow change - the government are still the government, the police, the armed forces/military industrial complex & the state globe Corp agropetrochemical oil tanker cannot - will not stop.... they have no awareness of their centuries of crime against all living things - they plough billions into infertility & insemination yet for one example, 100's of 1st nations women have gone missing in Canada year after year - for decades, though the budget for resolving this murderous ethnic cleansing is thousands. Humans - not all, but those in control - seek but one thing, to keep it. By what means is arbitrary- one way or another you will pay to give them it - people are programmed they truly believe that things such as civic duty & the "right" to vote actually means something i.e. democracy - the right to vote, for what? More of the same with a different colour badge -- It matters not who you vote for, the government always wins. Change can & will only be achieved by violent revolution and a complete U turn by ALL of humanity - you think the people in charge are going to let that happen? What do we do? I hear you cry. Plenty - get off your fat white arse and accept this truth and use your affluence to fund raising awareness - taking direct action - you do some thinking and come up with your own ideas, I've told you the problem - time for you to own it and change it or go to bed every night knowing everything you own including the lovely comfortable bed you’re in (however far away you want & or think it to be) is drenched in the blood of other cultures, peoples and the environment. 

Listen Up White People

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