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This is a Restored & Post Produced Cut up Video (physically recording & stopping, then rewinding and repeat, ad nauseum!) that I made between 1982 & 1985 & was used as Reducer's Projected Stage/Light Show & on Stage TV Show until 1990. For the soundtrack, I've used Original 80's Cassette Recordings of ideas I had when I was making it - including Me Drumming from an 38 year old audio Master Cassette Tape of the Band of Mercy - played at half speed. My ambition back then was to eventually release it as a Film & thus I wrote several contemporaneous other pieces, such as the Synth riffs, to run alongside. I chose to use the quote of Smohalla, Chief of the Wanapum, as the spoken word - as it sums up the white western Destruction & Disrespect of the Earth & its Indigenous Peoples, and the Recycling of life & Death, Things that are Close to the Heart of Reducer & Myself. The voice & the wolves were recorded from a then, highly unusual to be broadcast on mainstream TV documentary, called "Walking in a Sacred Manner" made by 1st Nations plains Tribes such as the Oglala Sioux & Wanapum, from around 1982. The Thunder is from a Storm outside a flat I shared with Reducer Bassman Dave, circa 1984.


Video Cassette "recorders" were in those days, huge, heavy, clunky mechanised things, with big "press down hard" mechanical buttons, so trying to get a quick edit became a real skill. I had fingers like Popeye's arms! It took me a Very long time to get enough good clips and money together to get another VCR so I could start making loops or repeated edits - same as with audio - it is immensely time consuming, relentless, and on the fringe of psychosis let alone mental exhaustion, to listen to and or watch the same thing over & over, every few seconds, for days and weeks on end. The VHS Cassette sat in its box for 30 years or so till I had it restored and then only 40 minutes had made it through the Degradation Process of Video Tape, but again, Typically Reducer, it's a Perfect 40 minute Distillation of the Original, Skilfully and Lovingly Post Produced by the Truly Gifted Sen Na, to Render it a Cohesive Film for Release.


There have been some Very Special Moments in Making this Project come to Fruition. One such was a picture Lester RIP gave me for the Website 5 years ago, when I 1st started it, saying "This needs to be used at some point" & of course, This is that point! Utterly Brilliant as the closing image of the Film and it is the only new image in it - Classic Reducer - All about Serendipity- Improvisation- Spontaneity- Alchemy - Passion and Grim Determination! This is literally, a Hand Made Film, No Cameras, just Me, My Wits, 3 or 4 tv stations & 2 VHS Recorders...The Equipment it took to make the Video would have weighed in at over 10kg - The Technique Took 3 years - Today you can do it on your phone in Minutes - This is a Work of Love, Skill and Dedication, that Exactly Because of its Origins is More Relevant Today Than Ever.


In keeping with the Film's Creative Process and to stay True to our Roots, We have chosen to Present the USB in a Hand Made, Folded and Printed Box (using repurposed excess Reducer Product 12" ep sleeves) & Mini VHS Slip Case. This lovingly handcrafted packaging was Produced by Euan Harries - Craftsman. This is real art, from the 1st image recorded 40 years ago through to the box you can purchase it in, made in the last few weeks. 

REDUCER-USB-3 (1).jpg
Scan 3 BW.jpg

A word on 80's Venue lighting

Usually there was none. Lighting rigs back in the 80's were either white spots, or if you were really lucky 2 or 3 poss coloured spots and may be a disco ball! They were utterly shit. Most provincial Venues had no lights at all worth using so using slides & projected film  / video was just so much better - it was a no brainer - the hard part was getting slides & video worth projecting- kit wasn't cheap and it took time in those days  - you couldn't just walk in a P.A. Hire shop and book the entire night's audio & visual kit in size small medium or large like now. We got "lucky" and got our hands on a couple of carousel slide projectors & a video projector - Hence we used the cut up video and (a now much missed + lost - the archivist!) set of slides with a white tarp if the wall behind the band was dark, occasionally it was a pain the arse because there would be a dark bit of video just between tracks & you need to see the controls on the rhythm generator or find a tape loop or light a spliff but was never a big issue..the positives far outweighed any negative - also part of being in Reducer is embracing that we as individuals are not here to be looked at! We are here to play music and create an audiovisual overload - so we never wanted to be lit as band members on stage - personally I played the 1st 3 or 4 tracks with my back to the audience just because I want to get into it and concentrate without feeling stared at...and I was busy starting & stopping rhythms and or loops which I always put at the back of the stage because they are just not aesthetic in anyway...The video and TV's on stage show was part of the whole "installation" thing, as was hanging huge lorry tarps all around the room painted with the Reducer Man or big symbolic designs, add some dream machines and incense..and thus I hoped, frankly, there would be enough "distractions" so that the audience would be into that, along with Snake & Rich addressing them in a Reducer style, would take any attention away from me!

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