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Noisferatu are a Ritual Shaman Duo Who perform Radish Rituals to encourage everyone to Hail Thee Radish.. Why the Radish?  That is just where the questions start! Noisferatu can be contacted at 
Noisferatu Have released a split record With Fjørd
Review of record

FJØRD is a Noiseband
FJØRD is Sascha Brosamer & Alexander Domes. They grew up in zell a.h. [Germany] and Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] and currently living and working in Paris and March on athmospheric Soundscapes based on electric guitars and synthesizers. They have played several shows in Europe and the U.K. A Noise is a Noise is a Noise...
Fjørd can be contacted at

Nil by Nose
Nil by Nose is a self taught Experimental Music Creator.  The Sound he creates can range from conventional electronic music to harsh noise via field recordings.  
Nil by Nose has assorted releases on his bandcamp page

Through the Blackdoor
A four episode Audio Drama for a Mature audience, following the investigations of small time podcaster, Steve Stephenson, into the strange world of the paranormal.  His adventures, become increasingly surreal, leave him feeling unhinged and fearful for his life.


WE SAY Fjord - Scandinavian Fish Gutting Noise Merchants test your tolerance for pure noise..alternatively embrace it's purity & chaotic headfirst dive into sound sculpture. 
An Intense chainsaw factory floor industrial soundscape of ...anger or indulgence it doesn't matter - the end product is worth it.
You most definitely need the other side too chill too after, although Noiseferatu (what a great name & worth buying for that alone!) are no less intense or scared of noise as music - they give it a different structure & a joy of the purity of total sound all of they're own - an excellently balanced double sided 12" - buy it because you need it! A super strength menthol record that clears the head simply by replacing everything in it with so much noise nothing else will get through! A Vinyl remedy for the exhausted & bored, a full on way to relieve humanity's self obsessed snot your brain is currently full of.


Namibian Death Metal vocals over a garage/house beat - what? Exactly! Great stuff - if Reducer were still able to gig I'd give them the support slot. Read they're stuff and try & get a copy cos it's rare.. not because it's rare but because your life will not be complete without it. These guys deserve some recognition & reward for the hard work it must be to be a Namibian Death Metal garage band.
On the other side we have Nil by Nose - helium vocals over a deep dance rhythmic pulse - again after the other side it's a chilled drift through happyland compared to the other but no less interesting and deserving of its place - take no notice of me I'm just an old cynic but not really my cup of tea but I'll drink it anyway. Got any cake?

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