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R E D U C E R are a group of Individuals with a Common Spirit & Purpose in life. Their main form of Communication is Music, but that is only a part of a very powerful & complex whole. R E D U C E R are a Tribe, and they are for real, No Bullshit or Compromises. One way they demonstrate this commitment to themselves & each other is by their extensive use of Tattoo.  All the members of R E D U C E R are Tattooed – not as a form of dogma, but because they really feel it. Their Tattoos demonstrate their common purpose & belief. Most of the Tattoos are Black work or of the Abstract Style – styles, symbols, designs & patterns taken from Ancient and far reaching sources. They dance on the skin as R E D U C E R dance through life. The Tattoos form a powerful part of the bands image and message R E D U C E R are a gut level band – strong, committed, deep - They function before words – skin, rhythm, dance, sex and more…Their Tattoos bind them together, they distance them from the mass. The tattoos speak as loudly as their music. Listen & learn, there is something here for everyone. 
Words by Alex Binnie, Body Art Magazine Article Issue 13 1991

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Photo from Body Art Magazine 1991

Photo from Body Art Magazine 1991

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