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The Album


The Tracks on this Album or more correctly Anthology Span the Active Lifetime of REDUCER - they Fill a Space that wasn't Filled Live...more Measured in Some Ways - Wild in Others..Certainly Experimental, in That We Were Learning as We Went, and Using New Equipment as it Came to Us via Far Heath and Gus - Within lie early 4 Track Recordings, Tape Loops, Analogue Synths and early Drum Machines alongside Samplers and Rhythm Generators..and Some More Familiar Tracks that We Laid Down a 'Studio' Version of.. its Both a Progression and a Trans Migration of Souls -Ideas Snatched Out of the Ether, Reworked & Mutated, and In a Moment, Caught - Never to be Repeated. The Tracks are Not in Any Order (ie Chronological) So This is Your Opportunity to Explore our Sound through Discovery, not Biased by Expectancy or Preconceptions - These are Our Foundations and Our Follies - Joyful and Reflective - Disturbing & Sure. What is Here is Elsewhere What is Not Here is Nowhere.

Throughout the life of REDUCER we Tried to Capture the Vitality & Energy via Recording at Fairly Regular Intervals, all were Random & Spontaneous Events just as REDUCER Live was. We had some Solid Foundations but We Were Always Building and Destroying - REDUCER CONSTRUCTOR DESTROYER - As is Our Wont to Do - It Was Our Purpose, and in This Way We Formed and Reformed Ideas - Never Repeating - Which is Why Each Track is Unique - You've Never Heard it Before and You'll never Hear it Again the Same. We Didn't. What's Important is the Music, The Idea and The Moment. Nothing was Rehearsed, Nothing Written Down. Press Record and Let's Go.

The tracks have not been Homogenised to Fit into Each Other as a Continuum or a Level Flat Recording. The Tracks are Not Remastered or Remixed - Just Straight Digitised Copies from the Master Cassettes Recorded on the Day. Each Track is Unique, Whether that is via Different Recording Levels or Quality or Both. Once again We feel that the Music Transcends These Minor Issues.

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