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So this is it folks - finally, the World gets to hear what all the Rumours, Myths & Legends have been all about!


The Archive Recordings


The current Digitising 'work station'

This photo of Lesta surfaced in my photo collection completely out of the blue - and of course with perfect timing...I was trawling through old photo's to delete doubles, copies & the not so good, and Lo there it was! I know it's Lesta working through the ether....I have absolutely no recollection of taking it, have never seen it before in my photo collection, nor is it on any of my old phones, it's been in my computer photo's since 2011 & survived unnoticed even when I swapped laptops - Fucking Amazing & Brilliant - Like Lesta! I don't even have clear memories of doing the digitising itself, even tho' it was in my flat - this is the 1st time we digitised part of the archive, I do remember it was a lot more work than it is now, and although we got quite a bit done, I wanted to have the remaining tracks ready before I start to put them on here - that way I can concentrate solely on it, as I want to give the music the time and respect I think it deserves. In the Members Section You will find, along with The Sound of Love EP,  Our album or perhaps more an Anthology, Reborn & Repossessed, along with our first two release's Sleng Teng & Killer. There are Also 5 New Tracks from The Human Aerial, Exclusive to the Website. There are occasional quality issues, most of the Masters are in fact 30-40 year old cassettes, recorded 'live' from the desk at the time of mixing, however these should not impair your listening pleasure.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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