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Welcome to what was our first online  release from our archive. As our first Track we decided in true

REDUCER fashion to turn it up & get on with it! Inna proper Reducer style, we bring you Reducer - Sleng Teng Masters

This is our version of the famous reggae rhythm from 1984 - Reducer Universal Sound System played all the freshest plates back in those day's - Snake would get them from a vendor near Heathrow, who imported all the new hot dub plates from Jamaica. Sleng Teng was naturally one of them.


R.U.S.S. & Reducer the band shared many commonalities be it people or rhythms, Sleng Teng is one result of this symbiosis. We gave it the full Reducer treatment & really enjoyed playing it, which shows in the recording I think. It was always a big crowd pleaser when we played live. 

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