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From the very beginning Band of Mercy, Big Medicine, Reducer & all the members of the collective were vehement Peace, Libertarian & Animal rights activist's - attending demo's, raising awareness & taking direct non violent action. On our path of enlightenment & raised awareness we became increasingly concerned about the plight of Indigenous Peoples, their lands, wildlife and lifestyles that were being destroyed. The terrible suffering from western influences such as rampant capitalism, alcohol, street drugs, guns, television and perhaps the saddest and worse thing of all - the enduring helplessness & hopelessness. We involved ourselves in studying & learning their lifestyles, arts, music & culture, the better to understand & to speak with a voice of heartfelt spirituality & truth.

An important part of all Indigenous people's lifestyle is the use of Tattoo and body modification such as painting, scarification, piercing & other techniques. All these forms of marking or changing the body are often many thousands of years old, some are to be left in the minds & souls of Shamen & spiritual guides. As the collective grew we embraced body art in all it's forms. Body art does not just allow for self expression, but identity and history, it explains who we are, where we have been & what we have done, where we live & how old we are.





The Band of Mercy on stage

at Booth Lane College,

Northampton 1984

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