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REDUCER'S 1st release in 1985 was a limited edition Free Cassette. They were given to the first 23 people through the door at the next gig. This track is indicative of REDUCERS early sound, using any available studio kit, in this case a synthesizer, which all of us played at the same time. This was combined with tape loops to create a hypnotic cacophony of pulsing sound.

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This cassette is a re release of a 2 track cassette Reducer gave away to the 1st 23 punters through the door at our 2nd gig in 1985. We have added 2 other tracks from the same recording session because we are lovely people who wish to share enlightenment. Other than that this cassette appears as it did back then.


At the beginning of Reducer we had no equipment of our own, so used what was available in the "back room" 4 track cassette recording home studios, we could just afford. These 4 tracks are the first ever recorded by Reducer - the then 3 members all playing the same synthesizer at the same time whilst tape loops ran alongside, and/or one of us playing bells & flutes, whilst the other two played the synth, all tracks are recorded live with no overdubs. This simple but extremely effective way of getting an un rehearsed spontaneity into our work proved to us we had an understanding & empathy that would go on to become the fully fledged Reducer. 


All Tracks Written & Performed by Reducer.
Copyright 2021.

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