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Reverend Bob

An occasional Guest Page where The Human Trumpet of Jericho Imparts to you

the benefits of His Wisdom & Universal Truth - Whether You like it or not!

Reverend Bob Pours Forth Wisdom & Truths from the Fountain of Knowledge Drink Deeply from his Cup for Within Lies That Which is Sought by All...

Reducer Rejoicer Rejoice...Rejoice people rejoice...with joy..with joy...your Pain & Misery will be Swept aside by the Pulse of Drums Pounding...of Horns Triumphant...your Hearts will Rise, your Spirit Soar, as you are Bathed in the light of the One True Force..Baptised in the Floodwaters of Eternal Truth...Drunk from the Well of Happiness....Joy unbound - Joy abounds, and We, Joyous & with Orchestra Ethereal, Dance Onward to Enlightenment and Oneness with the Universe, Casting Off the Rough Cloth of Uncertainty to be En-robed within a Cloak of Super Nova Truth - the one Universal Spirit - The One - Every Man & Woman is a Star - it is from these we are born & when we die it is to them we will return...tis simple truth - this is the absolute certainty that religions seeks so desperately, yet in their grasping, can only ever fail to touch...we have what they cannot hope to even imagine, a true single oneness with ourselves & the Universe. It's so simple, and so astonishingly true. Life has existed in thus far infinite abundance for nearly 4 point something billion of its 5 point something billion years of the earths existence- that really puts a perspective on the petty 3 or 4 million that humans have been squabbling & bickering with each other...and when humans are gone it is life that will continue as it always has. Moreover, far from this spinning rock, the one truly ancient story, of fields of diamonds in the sky ..older and queerer than we can hope to imagine...their light already multi-billions of years old, seen by us thousands of years past, in its journey ever onward into the chasm yawning, into the void - from the void it came & went, and upon this mote of dust, it did shine, and remember, it shone momentarily on thee.. 


Worry not People, for Although the Imminent Demise of Humanity is upon us..Redemption is at Hand..we are Consuming the Future Before Understanding Our Past and It Was Ever Thus - sic mundus creatus est - Humanity's Little Garden Firework Shone Brightly but so Briefly ..We will not make it to those Fields of Diamonds, never even to the next Planets in any number, Before our Light is Dimmed by the Inevitability of a Finite World ..I for one will be only a little sad - sad that something as complex as Humans Were Inherently Stupid & Greedy Enough to Consume All The Resources in a Few Hundred Years of so called Complex Life ...thus Condemning Their Own Grandchildren to a World Absorbed by Climate Change, Over Population & The Rampant Depletion of Resources, Which Will Not Slow - The System Won't Have It....Indeed it is Growing, because there are Too Many People...Too Many People Living Longer - Too Many People Not Dying from Age, Sickness, Disease, Drought, Floods & Famine - All Natural Controllers of Over Population & The Over Consumption of 'Local Resources' ie. The Earth. 

Yet, Fear Not True Believers...Salvation Awaits Us. Rejoice Rejoice! We are the Hapless Ship of Fools, it is our Destiny too Run Matters Not - for We Will Become Stars and They Will Beget more Stars.



Hark- the Siren Wails for we are Scraping along the Bottom - this Ship of Fools - a Terrible Thunder Shakes the Timbers & Cries of Helpless Absurdity Shriek across a Blasting Damned Wind - it's Cargo of Diseased Idiots Swept and Tossed in the Maelstrom of Earths Recycling - Not Here Long Enough to Grasp The Nettle of Truth - We are Disposable - We are Recyclable - We are Not Important. We are all important. No More No Less. Why Humans cannot Seemingly Comprehend this Simple and Brilliantly Shining Opportunity to be at Peace with Oneself & the Universe is perhaps the Saddest part of our Built in Obsolescence - Unable to live Happily & Safe in the Knowledge of an Infinite Life, to Die with Dignity and perhaps even a Hint of Embrace as our Journey Does Not End but Unfolds into New Life.. LIFE IS WHAT MATTERS - And Life Will Prevail - Always - As Love Does over Hate - Light over Dark - Take it from me People you don't have a Choice - This is Going to Happen - You can Either Embrace It or be Run Over by It...either way Your Gonna Be Dust..May as Well be Angel Dust! Happy Daze.


The views expressed here do not represent, it's Affiliate's or Associates, nor does it in any way reflect or endorse opinions herewith expressed by the party heretofore known as The Right Revd. Bob A.K.A. Mr Vesto P. Slypher.

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